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The horoscope for 2018 is traditionally focused on reasonable people, who can compare forecasts with reality. Everything moves and everything returns to normal. These are the laws of the universe. Man, however he thinks of himself as the crown of creation, is compelled to obey. Cosmic energies pick it up like a grain of sand and swirl, and throw in the stream of being. In this case, the person is endowed with free will. Not in his power to stop the eternal rotation, but to enter into resonance with him and achieve harmony, he is quite capable. So a person finds happiness. The flowing around takes shape, resembling a turbulent mountain stream, sandwiched between rocks. Breakthrough from the crushing and wobbling to the extreme extent of the gorge of the events of previous times, finally break out into the plains, promising prosperity in 2018 and prosperity for years to come. This sweet and yet bitter taste of freedom is intoxicating, the spark of hope is confusing, to which reason tells us: "Something is not right, it can not be that everything is so well and well." The hope for one's little happiness covers your eyes, and in this impulse any fears go to the background, opening the way to a happy, unexplored, desired and therefore brighter future. 2018 Dogs are a year of prosperity, happiness and joy! In 2018, despite all the warnings, the hope for better times will eclipse everything. And how can it be otherwise, because the year of the Dog, first of all, bears in itself such qualities as durability, consistency, certainty in the long term. In the case of a successful implementation, such qualities can order chaos in our troubled world, shed light on the hope of grief-stricken hearts. Read also Zodiac horoscope for all zodiac signs. According to the horoscope in 2018, in accordance with the eastern astrological system, will be the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. Strictly speaking, the eastern year does not fully correspond to the European one, that is, the year of the Dog will come on February 16, 2018, and will end on February 5, 2019. Nevertheless, traditionally the transitional month - January, still retaining the key features of the past stage, will begin to lean toward a new quality, new bases and trends. In the most general terms, 2018 will differ significantly from the previous cycle. If in 2017 anthropogenic factor dominated - that is, the person himself, now the palm of primacy goes to spontaneous, natural phenomena. Of course, the horoscope for 2018 does not say that we are expected by cataclysms, like tsunamis or eruptions of once somnolent volcanoes. On the contrary, as the Chinese astrological concept asserts, this year will be a period of silence - both internal and external. But silence, in this sense, is a relatively relative concept, it is more about harmony and pacification. This is also logical from a numerological point of view. The year of the Dog of the Year 2018, without taking into account the millennium, 1 + 8 gives 9, the number of absolute harmony. This is the period in which people meet the companions with whom they are destined to go through all their lives. This is the time of the conclusion of great alliances, both between individuals and between whole states.

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The horoscope contains two personalities, that's why the character changes every second. They are inherently quick to get away from bored work, often to change clothes, even their decisions always change. Today they are alone, tomorrow others. These signs are so bright, they rather want to get a result, which is why they can start reading the book from the end. Twins are good speakers, so they easily enter into a discussion. Twins often speak more, but less listen. They are so impatient, waiting for them seems like an eternity. However, these zodiac signs are so friendly, they always come to the rescue. They easily get out of any even the most difficult situations. Very often they enjoy their quick reaction and like to catch rave reviews. Only Aquarius can cope with such a sign. In order to read the description of other signs go to the main page of our site. On the site you will find only the horoscope for the day, the rest of the functionality in the application. There you will find personal astrologers, a ball of destiny, Mayan divination, Druid symbols. Zodiac horoscope.


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Astro prognosis of the twin is the embodiment of conflicting feelings and emotions. 2018, will give him the opportunity to experience the most interesting moments. This year will realize many of his aspirations and desires. And, to be more precise, this is the year that Gemini will carry through the waves of various life events. And, they themselves will be the source of these waves. Of course, if they wish. They expect a lot of romantic events, but, they will not prevent achievement of the cherished goals that they set for themselves. It is emotions that are the main driving force of the sign of the Zodiac. Try not to forget about it, otherwise the situation can get out of control. Be vigilant: yes, you will be lucky on love fronts, but they can remind themselves of their former feelings, which, as you thought already behind. If this happens, this is a serious problem. We will have to make the final choice. What does Venus advise: make a decision quickly, without even thinking that, perhaps this is a mistake. The time will come and you will correct everything. Fate favors you. If they want a stable relationship this year, they will get them. The best relationships you will have with a sign

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Finance horoscope

Twins from the beginning of the new 2018 will receive many new and interesting ideas for business. But horoscopes are not so full only positivny. The main thing is not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, and not listen to those who are skeptical can easily bring to naught all your aspirations, even quite successful ones. Conclusions must be done on their own, otherwise the year of the Dog can bring you complete setbacks. This period is important for Gemini, as the time of personal development. We are talking about professional skills that help to ensure a comfortable life. Remember the possible envy of people around you. Of course, this does not mean at all that anyone should be treated with suspicion and caution, although caution will not be superfluous. Horoscopes warned about this. Although the horoscopes of Dogs is the pragmatism of friends will allow the Twins not to hang in the clouds. Dreaming is good, but being too long in illusions can damage the state of things in the present. Try to look at the world without wearing rose-colored glasses. If you need to borrow and other objective options you do not see, then you should not be afraid, and there is no point in delaying thinking. Of course, remember - it is better to look for the most acceptable option. Do not forget that real success is waiting for you only in the sphere in which you specialize, take risks and try to do things that you do not like, extremely stupid and dangerous for your financial situation. You think that the goal is achievable - do not spare forces, horoscopes allow you to reach the desired, it makes sense to quickly forget about this matter. In 2018, lucky to those representatives of the sign who will quickly adapt to the changes in the environment. Remember: time is your main ally only until you stop doing it.